• Facilitating and strengthening dialogue and communication of people and organizations in Japan and ASEAN countries with their multiple cultures and faiths as well as with people and organizations in other parts of the world to further understanding, trust and cooperation
  • Building bridges with Nobel Laureates and local universities or other prestigious institutions in Japan and the ASEAN region to establish long-term relationships which may lead to common research programs and other forms of collaboration enhancing science, technology and education as a basis for peace and development
  • Inspiring a large public and especially the young generation in Japan and ASEAN to dedicate their lives towards a culture of peace and non-violence
  • Achieving a better cooperation for the promotion of peace, freedom and security in Japan and the ASEAN region
  • Developing ethical action plans and multidisciplinary programs for creative conflict prevention, mediation and resolution from a politically and religiously independent point of view
  • Promoting Japan and ASEAN as a bridge for peace, diplomacy and international understanding