Proposed results

A. Education, training and research in Japan and ASEAN 

  • Regular courses and practical peace studies in schools and universities, creative cultures of learning and continued education through interdisciplinary study, training and research
  • Cooperation with the Japan and ASEAN governments to implement peace programs on topics such as ethics, globalization, information technology, social service, ecology, development studies, social anthropology and interfaith dialogue in schools and universities
  • Establishment and coordination of online educational courses on peace and future research
  • Publications and online-productions to contribute to new forms of conflict management in schools and universities
  • Orientation semester for young people following school to help students in their search for a profession that corresponds to their vocation and individual talents and that can be connected with a sense of social responsibility

B. New networks of cooperation in Japan, ASEAN and the world as a whole

  • Support of international relations to contribute to a peaceful understanding between peoples in Japan, their ASEAN neighbors and other members of the United Nations
  • Establishment of early warning systems offering intelligent conflict prevention and conflict solution
  • Sensitizing the public for a culture of peace and non-violence
  • Developing programs for media ethics
  • Creating new networks between initiatives and institutions
  • Action plans and proposals for governments, ASEAN, the European Commission and the United Nations
  • Documentation in print, AV, www