The JAPAN-ASEAN BRIDGES event series will continuously take place in Japan and Thailand from November 2023 until March 2024, comprising a series of major events with Science Nobel Laureates from all fields. Each Nobel Laureate will stay for at least 6-10 days.

During their visits the Nobel Laureates will conduct various lectures, seminars, workshops and dialogues with leaders from Japan, Thailand as well as from other ASEAN countries. This will be done in partnership with local institutions, mainly universities, to strengthen international understanding and to build relationships with these institutions which may lead to common research projects and other long-lasting forms of cooperation.

Institutions from all ASEAN countries will be invited to actively participate in the events in Japan and Thailand to build further bridges and to enhance collaboration between Japan and the Southeast Asian nations. This is why BRIDGES is not designed as a onetime event, but as a continuing process of synergies to make the events a sustainable success for both Japan, Thailand and the ASEAN region as a whole.